Food is Key!

If your like me then when you attend a wedding you are looking forward to the food, aside from seeing your close friend or loved on get married! As a coordinator I tell my clients that food is where you don’t want to cut too much cost. Even though your guest are there to see you get married the experience is what they are going to walk away and talk about.

Things you don’t want is dry bland chicken or an over cooked filet mignon. Ehh! Timing is everything and a great cater will know exactly what they’re doing.

Here are two of my favorite caters here in San Diego!

  • Continental Catering is on the top of this list! Christie and her crew are pros! The menu is fresh and will make you drool. They can customize your food to match your theme or show your guest a peak into your culture. Their Executive chef is a master in the kitchen and they will help express who you are through the senses or taste, texture, sight and smell. Buffet, plated, family style or any new hot trend is a piece of cake (wink wink) for them.


  • Urban Plates. This restaurant will surprise you! The quality of food, the knowledge of their staff and the AFFORABLE pricing will make you want to keep going back. They pride themselves on fresh, organic, seasonal items which you can see and taste in every bite. Did I mention they are affordable? They offer buffet style and full service so they can fit the needs of any event. With three restaurant locations its just a hop, skip and jump to great food.


Food is something we center out lives around. Whether its family dinners, girls night out, reunions and wedding days food is the time that most people sit down and share stores and hopefully many side splitting laughs. Its all about the experience and memories with those you love.


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